Monday, September 21, 20096:16 PM


hihi im back... alot of things have happened recently~ but ill nt post too many coz my figners will rot off... umm recently ive been trying to get a 2nd hand bass... i saw a 70 bucks one.. but aft 2 days of smsing the guy... the never reply, n i dun wan to sms him alr...

hmm many things are coming up nxt month and for the months to come... wushu performance, gakuensai performance, AFA, EOY.. i juz realized all of them are lyk performance/stage/let ppl take pix n stuff... which is nt really my thing hahaha *sigh* i hope everything turns out GREAT.. yoroshiku onegai shimasu to the totally awesome peeps i'll be working wif ( tt includes JCIG )!!

so many performances calls for ALOT of practice! so i'll be quite busy when my buddies finish all their visiting~~ this would mean.. training on MON n FRI, jap lessons on TUES n THURS. which leaves wed n the weekends to jam haha. phew

i think i officially retired frm soccer alr sia... zzz last tym i played was afew months ago.. compared to last tym whr i played everyday... ill miss u soccer T^T

come to think of it.. our band... still no name... damn sad haizzz, everytym i rmb the band, i rmb gakuensai performance.. n i get really nervous n scared, then ill go check the calendar n get more scared... haiz, getting ppl together is harder than it seems man... esp ppl who are lazier den me...
i dun really lyk practicing at home, coz i dun lyk ppl who noe me to hear me.. sigh.. *nervous*

ytd i went to waseda high school. they had a sch fest... it was really crowded.. but quite fun since i went wif jcig... there were a few cute girls n shuai guys.. but i only saw glimpses of them... nt really interested in those things anymore haha... i heard wayne gt to hold this cute girl's hand lo... zz quite jealous, but GOOD FOR U WAYNE!! haha.

this few months ive met alot of new ppl n made alot of frens~ so if u c this, yoroshiku onegai shimasu! m(-_-)m

haha i feel lyk laying plants vs zombies again so.. till nxt tym~ Jaa ne!



Tuesday, July 28, 20099:17 PM


i was surfing e web today and i saw this thread on a forum, http://sgforums.com/forums/8/topics/313748

bascially, it says just coz the guy is ang mo, girls dig.. to me quite true.. except those girls/guys that dont go for looks.. truth be told, even us guys we tend to look at ang mo girls.. hear accent only, turn head.. but for me... nt all ang mo chio leh. ive seen really beautiful chinese ladies before~ just that their attitude needs polishing up :P

but ive seen girls (many.. ALOT). their minds only got this equation: Foreign = Shuai/Cute!
haha i mean to a certain extent.. i mean true, other foreign guys are taller, maybe more built, maybe more courteous or helpful, coz of the differences in our culture. but not our fault wad.. =.=
blame us for being spoilt.. (paritally e reason for us being short too)

as seen in the thread, ang mo open door = gentlemen n such; sg guy open door = copy ang mo or try score points... to me, the sg guy part nt so jia lat la, but i mean true or nt, sg guy open door (score one point); ang mo open (jackpot) =.=

ive seen some girls.. ang mo = shuai even though the ang mo really cmi de.. one tym there was a group og australians coming to our school. den our class was allocated one aussie. he nt say v tall leh~ nt say very handsome either.. but almost all the girl were lyk super excited, stealing glances at him, crowding round him, and such. i see alrdy, i thought: he really tt hadsome meh? o.o

but... y most people dun c the ugly side of ang mos, until they work in the service line? ang mos (esp italians.. i think) are bloooooooooooooooooooooooooody sacarstic =.= i noe i new comer la still nub.. but the dude dun nid so sacarstic summore.. when he says it, he says it wif such a str8 face, tt it leads me to think he does this sh*t everytym sia.. with all the "im sure".. =.= i try be polite oso kena this treatment.. BEST *thumbs up* no better frm e dumb sg aunties.. same lvl of suck c*ck-ness

lyk ah ma they all.. go c dunno wad worls jockey tournament or smthn... ah ma took pic wif this ang mo guy say he shuai.. dunno how many tym i look, i still think steven lim more shuai... the dude only tall sia =.= my backside draw 2 dot n a curve oso can win him i think...(too bad my ass isn't tall)

i noe foreigners win points with their smile, and gentlemanly-ness.. but gt think or nt.. if one sg guy smile at u, wad will u think sia? "siao eh!" rite or nt? in mrt if a girl just happen to look at this guy (average sg standard nerdy looking guy), den he look up n smile.. wont u lyk get grossed out? (nerdy coz alot of sgians are nerdy.. i was nerdy once! haha)

this foreigner = shuai/cute thing.. i got proof to back up hor.. once i was working.. this group of pretty girls ordered food.. aft i had finished taking their order and gave em a nice big smile, one of em asked, "hey, u look cute,you jap?", "haha no..", "korean?", "nope~", "mixed?", "haha nope juz pure singaporean chinese blood", "oh..."*expression changes completely* "so-so nia" o.o when she said i look cute i was lyk on e verge of blushing liao sia... den her expression change.. u noe its lyk, u pumping a balloon? pump pump, it gets bigger n bigger, and BOOM, than flop flop flop. =.= sad isn't it.. so i was cute coz i looked foreign.. yay me.. didnt tell any of my co-workers coz it was kinda embarrassing..

ok i mean pretty is pretty, shuai is shuai... but having the concept tt foreigners means pretty or shuai, is too much sia.. i mean ive been to tokyo.. out of the whole cabin in the tokyo express, only maybe got one above average de... i look high, look low only maybe c.. 4 pretty ones? but their skirts are shorrrrrrt lyk anything sia.. bend a bit, poof! liao.. okok back to topic..

i wonder wads the cause of all these, i noe not all people are lyk tt.. but honestly, most ppl are like tt! even sometyms i tend to be lyk tt...

i mean having foreginers here does have their good points.. change our society, maybe we can be more open and happy.. globalization and mixing around is good too.. (nt toking bout bangalas here.. guys holding hands haha abit toooo much) hmmm.. maybe if more foreigners came and changed our society to be more lyk them, will we still lyk foreigners tt much?? (i think i'll get hantam by alot of ppl when they read this)



Wednesday, July 15, 20098:41 PM


do i really looks lyk a girl, guys? is it the hair? the eyes? the way i smile? the way im quiet round strangers? my short height? my face shape? wad!? wad is it??? i dunno good or bad to say i look lyk girl leh... more n more people keep thinking i girl... and those ppl mostly girls themselves..

1/2 yrs back.. i accidentally walked into a girls toilet, not noticing it, i juz entered a cubicle to water some plants.. aft tt i heard a pair of girls giggling bout smthn outside... i though to myself "holy fuck... cannot be wad....", so i decided to open a the door a lil n peek thru the gap... holy shit liao... it was a wonder how i din notice the sanitary bin after emptying one during my working days in Macs. i think i spent 5 mins in there planning wad to do sia... aft tt i no choice, i waited until got less voices.. den open the door n walk out, juz acting normally, go out wash hand, check hair and walked out gracefully~ out of the 3 ppl that saw me, only one gave me a funny look.. in this case is good, coz i escaped getting my ass whooped.. on the other hand... i passed off as a girl..

ytd... i met up wif my fren, tsuna, aft sch.. he was wif his frens outside subway.. while waiting for him n his frens, i decided to take a sit beside tsuna, and opposite his male classmate.. aft a few mins, his faci walked over.. the female faci, probably in he middle 50s, thought i was tsuna's male classmate's girlfriend.. all i did was give her a weird smile and a constipated laugh and continued on my lappy... but my mind wad thinking "holy crap.. this again?" alamak i wear one pink polo tee nia... red medium length hair + big eyes + pink polo tee + pink laptop + black jeans = chick?
*imitates boy and andy* OH MAMA~ OH MAMA~

people have been asking me to cosplay female characters.. i do wanna try cosplay.. looks fun.. but i have to wear mini skirts!? thx to wushu, my thighs are 54 cm and 57/58 cm (while doing ma bu).. to give u guys an analogy, its practically 3cm smaller den the largest circumference of my head... so i dun think stockings will work... but still sounds fun cosplaying female char haha >.<.. kinda excited for or khr group cosplay.. still no idea wad to cosplay..

and to the people who post weird/fucked up comments, dun worry i love u too, u dun hav to b jealous... muax ;D

and by the way.. to those people ive been acting fked up to recently, im very sorry, i dunno wad happened to me, plz forgive me...



Monday, July 6, 20097:33 PM

fk-ed up day~~

yay today such a nice day~~ so nice untilo i wan cut myself into small n tiny pieces n feed myself to e birds...

Firstly, i go to woodlands library to study... study haf way, ah ma's fren call.. den ah gong ji siao her... den suddenly she call me gay.. i shock sia!! wtf~~ tt one still ok..

After tt, i cont study, den this xiao mei mei come to me say," jie jie, inside got cd or nt?" fk i thr stunned sia lao hiaaaa.... ah ma keep laughing... i thr almost wan to shout cheebye.. luckily, my tolerance high, i wait for the xiao mei mei run away den i scold... c? i so good... wait for xmm to go first, dun teach her bad things...

cant be my red hair wad... red hair so cool ( now is almost brown alr..).. cant be my neh neh, coz i dun have any.. maybe is my pink laptop ( but i beef-ed it up wif a autobots logo sticker).. pink is e only colour left lo.... :(

very sad sia today... i think im falling for this girl oso.. haiz no idea... juz a feeling... not sure yet.. update u nxt tym~ buai buai~



Wednesday, June 24, 20099:07 AM


hi... eh hee hee sry for not posting recently.... coz i tot if i stopped for a while i'll have more things to write~

haha quite alot has happened recently, one of them was wushu... ran n fell during a game... fking wounds look lyk they're gonna rot off.. and they asked me to perform at trcc... crazy, i injured still perform... plus i yr1 only sia, scared i disgrace rp wushu sia... haiz..

nxt, natsu matsuri... jcg is coming up with smthn for a japanese festival~ i actually signed up for the themed cafe, but got pulled to do a jrock performance by ickle... first tym being in a band, n we hav to sing jap songs... time to prepare: one month =.= diee n we nt really sure who does wad yet, all i noe is most likely im gna do vocals coz i cant do any instruments hahaha >.<
sacrifice for ickle... ickle owes meee...hahaha

uh... wushu performance is on sunday if im nt wrong... this means i only have less den a week to heal up and one more training to prepare... plus there is no carpet, means ill have to fall on hard floor (most likely to get more injured..).. plus first tym performing wushu infront of an audience... nervous..

jrock performance... we nid a name lols n i nid help memorizing lyrics... darn.. 3x more nervous... thinking of wearing a mask during the performance so no one will recognize me... :P



Friday, May 22, 200912:48 AM


na... my more or less red hair.... kinda nice.. to me la... this r pics wif me n ah pa(vanessa)...


12:00 AM




all hail gatsby hair colour!!! muax muax

oh btw for all u asking: No, i dun use gatsby moving rubber... one reason, it sux... personally, i dun lyk the moving rubber series, too weak, plus so ex!! i bought 2 tubs of wax frm jpn for the price of one moving rubber tub in sg~ O.O

yes i noe shocking... acutally i use UNO from Shiseido. dunno if u can find it in sg.. but its realllllly good lols, and cheaper too (if my jap to sg calculations are correct). another tt i use is Gatsby X ACQUA.. the cube looking ones... the red and black ones~

here are pix of my arsenal

sry for the messy room, randomly lying knee support, coins, specs, books, nonsense etc. lol the 3 circular ones are the uno ones. the one below is Gatsby clay. :D

n heres the famous kinderjoy! whoopie~ din expect the inside to NOT be an egg... i miss the eggy... inside is lyk...correct me if im wrong, but i think its lyk two lil ferrero roche in a "pool" of white chocolate or milky stuff.. very sweet.

ok nix~ i promised u i'd tell u wad it was n here u go. kinder joy... oh it has a toy in it as well... i got this green skater girl tts supposed to be able to flip a 360... couldnt make it flip...

ut + jcg meeting + wushu tmr... lucky is a friday or i think my balls would be fried.





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